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Fresh fish is one of the world’s healthiest, most convenient foods. Rich in heart-happy omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals, fish is an essential component to a healthy lifestyle.

By consuming fresh seafood you are choosing to positively contribute to the general well being of yourself and your family. By choosing Liberty Fish, you have committed to receiving top quality, fairly priced seafood through a convenient, friendly and fun service.

Best fishes, 

Elsha Ewing, The Fish Lady

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List of fish we typically carry for farmers' markets

 haddock  cod  swordfish  
 tuna  sea scallops (dry)  halibut fillets  
 wild salmon Norwegian farm salmon 
bluefish  flounder  

All items are subject to availability.



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Where you can find us

Lexington Farmers Market
(for Boston Sword and Tuna)

Corner of Mass Ave and Woburn St,
Lexington, MA

Tuesdays 2 to 6:30pm. May through October.

East Boston Farmers Market
209 Sumner St, Boston, MA

Wednesdays 3 to 6:30pm. July through October

Mayfair Farm
31 Clymers Dr, Harrisville, NH